A Taste of Melbourne

A few weeks before Christmas I decided to visit Melbourne. I had been in Sydney just too long to still comfortably feel like I was on holiday, but it also did not feel like the right time to start job hunting. I needed to expand my horizons slightly before returning to Sydney for Christmas and New Year’s.

One of the things I love about Melbourne is the sheer volume of Art that is on offer and with much of it being for free, this is perfect for backpacking on a budget.

Melbourne is renowned for its Graffiti Art and after a walk down to Hosier and Rutledge Lane, it became clear why. I was quickly drawn in to this varied and colourful street, absorbing as much detail as I possibly could.

Hosier and Rutledge Lane

Just across the road, on Federation Square, is the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. The ACMI was hosting the permanent exhibition Screen Worlds, plus a few other temporary exhibitions. Screen worlds presents a varied and eclectic depiction of the moving image. The exhibition is interactive and even offers the opportunity to create your own ‘Matrix video’.

One of the temporary exhibitions that I visited was Gaps by David Rosetzky. Much to my pleasure and comfort, the video installation Gaps featured movement and contemporary dance, along with spoken word and an uplifting composition. This installation deals with the theme of identity and I really appreciated the multi-disciplinary approach and the way the performers interacted with each other. Reminded of my own experience of contemporary dance, I let myself indulge in hints of the familiar with several twists of the unforeseen.

The National Gallery of Victoria hosts an extensive collection of exhibitions, covering art from all over the world and from different periods. I managed to view several different exhibitions during my visit; my favourite was the contemporary exhibition by Alex Prager, featuring the short film Face in the crowd.

I find the characters and style of the artwork compelling and the film delves into the characters’ minds, revealing glimpses of their thoughts and experiences.

There are other things I enjoyed about Melbourne: the bars, the dining, the Yarra River, The Astor Theatre, the Tram making its sleepy journey through the sunny streets, H&M! Over everything there was this sense of cultural togetherness and I quickly found myself comfortably drawn into the exploration of this city.

If I get the opportunity to return, I hope to discover some more of Melbourne’s layers, burrowing a little deeper into this colourful and diverse city.


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